Biggest painting ever!

It’s my Mother-in-law’s birthday today, and I’ve spent the last five days working on this painting for her. It’s the biggest one I’ve ever completed – 4 feet by 2 feet – and I worked in acrylics because they cover a lot of space well and dry quickly (although, I use Atelier Interactives, so I can control the drying time indefinitely).

It’s a female Andean Condor near Mount Fitz Roy. I did quite a bit of research before starting the painting, which I really enjoyed and which informed details of the painting I might otherwise have missed – for example, their claws are not sharp because they’re not hunters, and the males and females look quite different to each other (this one is female).

This was certainly a change of pace from the gouache postcards I’ve been painting for the last few months!


Andean Condor


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