Manly Dam

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of living in the city, having spent many happy childhood years in the country. However, it does mean that I’ve got more of an appreciation for more “natural” scenes wherever I find them.

This particular scene is from a dam about ten minutes from my house, which is surrounded by (more or less) natural bushland. I was particularly drawn to how strong the light is, and the wonderful contrast between the straight edges of the dam and the natural forms all around it.

This wasn’t actually intended to be a finished painting, just an experiment that started with me painting in some fairly “swirly” darks (taking advantage of gouache’s tendency to blend when applied wet-in-wet), then painting over it with lights and darker darks to pull the scene out of it. No drawing, just straight in with the brush. I’m finally starting to get the “painterly” look I’ve been striving for!

This one will be sent to the #postcardartgroup 🙂

Manly Dam

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