New painting – Corella

I’ve been inexorably drawn back to watercolour this year, despite being absolutely convinced a few years ago that I’d never use it again – to the point where I sold all my watercolour paints to my Mother! What is it I’ve said before about never saying never?

Admittedly, what’s making the difference for me recently is starting with a pen drawing, so this is really more pen and wash than pure watercolour. Whatever. The end result is I’m really, really enjoying myself and, as always, it shows.

This Corella landed on the power pole right outside our house yesterday. We see a lot of cockatoos (which, ahem, may have something to do with me feeding them), but I’m not sure we’ve ever had Corellas before. Thankfully it was happy to stay put while I got my camera. Thank goodness for zoom lenses!

This one’s available in my Etsy shop!


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