Robotus Interruptus

160103 - Robotus Interruptus - 800w

The last robot I built was with technical Lego when I was a teenager (i.e.: the 1980’s), so I was very happy to receive a kit from my wife for Christmas with the RQ-5 Paper Robot and the control electronics. I’ve been looking forward to building it and finally found some time today – mostly because yesterday I dropped a steel-framed chair on my toe and can barely walk, but that’s a whole other story.

Unfortunately, I only got to build the legs and the base of the torso before discovering that my kit is missing some parts, and without them I can’t continue. And it’s a Sunday, so I can’t phone the shop it came from until tomorrow, assuming they’re not taking an extended Christmas holiday.

I had intended to sketch it when it was finished – and still will – but in the meantime it becomes my first sketchbook entry for 2016.


3 thoughts on “Robotus Interruptus

    1. Thanks Charlie! This is probably my gateway drug into a whole new hobby – I’m already eyeing off what other people are doing with mini computers like the Raspberry Pi (I’m looking at you, Jez W.) but I’m just not sure I want to get back into writing computer code. On the other hand, perhaps I could build a furniture-moving robot …

      1. Lol… I totally get what you’re saying. It was last year’s “silly” gift of Lego Star Wars microfighters that was gateway drug that spun me into an adult Lego obsession. 😊 You should definitely build a furniture moving robot…sounds like it would have come in very handy.

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