Working in three dimensions

This year I wanted to make some projects in three dimensions, rather than just sticking to painting. I’m a big fan of Steampunk, so it seemed natural to try making something in that genre, and for Christmas Santa brought me “The Steampunk User’s Manual” which, among other things, contains a bunch of projects you can make yourself. I decided to start with the simplest one – a fridge magnet!

This project required a magnet, a bottle cap (damn, I had to drink some beer first – the sacrifices one makes for one’s art!), some clear casting resin, a cog, a pin to hold the cog in place, and an image to use as a background (I printed out a picture of a clockwork mechanism). I’m not going to go into the specifics of how it’s made, partly because that’s what the book is for, but mostly because it’s so simple that I’m quite sure you could figure it out for yourself!

Here’s the end result – and, by the way, yes, the cog does spin freely!


I’m definitely going to be working in three dimensions more – it was great fun and quite satisfying to end up with a physical object and not just a painted surface. That said, I can also see the potential for using my painting skills in future projects!

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