The Postcard Art Group

For over a year I’ve been part of a casual online group called the Postcard Art Group. It’s simply a bunch of artists sending each other original art through the mail. There are no quotas or deadlines, all skill levels are welcome, and I’ve made some lifelong friends via the group as well as discovering some amazing artists I’d never have found any other way.

Here’s how it works: Each month new members are added to a spreadsheet (names and addresses) and that spreadsheet is then emailed to all members. From there you simply choose who you want to send a postcard to, create it and mail it. They’re not obliged to send you one back, just as you’re not obliged to send one back to anyone from whom you receive a card. As I said, no quotas, no deadlines, no pressure. It’s creating art and sharing it for the simple pleasure of it, and I for one have created far more art that I otherwise would have, which now resides in collections all over the world!

Here are just three cards I’ve received recently which amply demonstrate the wide variety of art that’s likely to arrive in your mailbox …

three cards - 800w.jpg

If you’d like to become a member of the group, your best bet is to look up @mmfxrofe on Instagram. He created and runs the group and will be happy to give you all the information you’d like. If you’re not on Instagram, reply to this post on his blog.

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