First painting with M. Graham watercolours

I saw this beautiful photograph on Flickr this morning and decided it was the perfect subject for a pen and watercolour painting to try out the M. Graham watercolours. Working in a Strathmore mixed media sketchbook, it took about half an hour to draw using a Pilot Uniball 0.5 (my new favourite drawing pen), and about 20 minutes to paint. 

The verdict: I love these paints! Some of the mixes don’t work as I expected (especially when trying to make coloured greys) but I was able to get where I wanted to go fairly easily and I’m sure I’ll get used to it. They flow beautifully and (as expected, given their use of honey in the formulation) it’s a breeze to wet edges to soften them, and you can hopefully see I had no problem getting both sharp and soft edges in this painting.

I’m already looking forward to using them again, which is probably the best recommendation I can give!  


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