Storybook Sundays

I’ve joined a new art swap group on Instagram called the Special Delivery Art Swap, run by @CharleenJuliet. Every month there’s a theme and you’re paired up with another member to exchange art and other items with. I’m excited to start but also a little daunted as there are some truly amazing artists in the group! Check out the hashtag #SpecialDeliveryArtSwap to see what I mean.

Aside from the main event, each week in Sunday is a bonus challenge called #StorybookSundays. A different story is selected each Sunday and the idea is to create a piece of art inspired by that story. Last Sunday’s story was The Chronicles Of Narnia which I’ve never read but do own a beautiful illustrated copy of, so I sat down and started to read it and within just a few pages I knew what I wanted to paint.

I should say at this point that over the last few months it has become abundantly clear to me that my core interest is in painting locations and backgrounds, as opposed to characters. I like the idea of a painting you can imagine yourself walking in to, whether it’s a landscape, cityscape or interior. That’s not to say I’ll never paint another person or animal, of course I will, but they won’t be my priority.

So here’s the 6×4″ pencil and watercolour painting, taken from the description in The Magician’s Nephew just as Polly and Digory enter the study for the first time. It took a little under two hours and was great fun to do. Now I can do back to reading the story to find out what happens next!

StorybookSundays - 04-24 - Narnia - 800w


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