Stop thinking!

I think too much, and often get myself tied into knots because of it. What kind of paint is best for me? Do I want to paint portraits or landscapes? Canvas or paper? Perhaps I’d rather do book illustrations. Am I an illustrator, rather than an artist? Maybe I’m just over painting and should find a new hobby. … etc.

Yesterday I found myself in a particularly bad version of this mental maelstrom, and (long story short) decided I should just paint something – anything! – with no care of how it turned out. I cut a piece of black mat board in half, got out my Atelier Interactive acrylics and my largest, most un-fussy brushes, and just went to town in an impressionistic way on a landscape photo I’d recently seen at Oessa’s Tumblr.

Apparently I am the very definition of the artistic cliché – suffering for my art and all that – because the painting turned out really well and is probably the most successful impressionist painting I’ve ever done. Easier said than done, but clearly I need to do more and think less. I’ve named this “Bluebells”, it’s 38x55cm and staying here.


Up next, I’m doing a painting I’ve had in mind for some time (in fact, I even set a reminder in my phone so I’d remember to do it this week). Bonus geek points if you know who/what I’m going to paint just from the following logo, and extra bonus points if you know why I’m painting it this week! (Answers on a $50 note to the usual address please!).


One thought on “Stop thinking!

  1. Wow! That painting is amazing Lindsay!! It’s beautiful! 😍You need to stop thinking more often….hehe…this is masterful! And can’t wait to see the HHGTTG piece…as to why… it’s the month Adams passed, but don’t know if anything else.

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