Things might be quiet for a while

I’m not closing this blog, as previously announced.

I’m having a lot of health problems at the moment and thought life would be easier if I deleted my blog and unfollowed almost everyone at Instagram, but all that did was make me feel lonely!

So this blog will continue, but it’s likely to only be updated very irregularly until I can get on top of the health problems, which I’m hoping is a matter of a few months. Similarly, I’m likely to be very bad at keeping up with everyone I follow, I hope you’ll understand.

In the meantime I’ve made a little progress on a painting I was originally hoping to finish by Towel Day (May 25th) of “Marvin the Paranoid Android”, but obviously there’s quite a bit left to do so now it’s simply one I’m doing for the sheer enjoyment whenever I can. Here’s a sneak preview … there’s more on Instagram if you’re interested!


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