Still life with zucchinis

I am red/green colourblind. I can see red and green just fine (which is just as well at the traffic lights) but when they’re close together I sometimes find it very difficult to tell them apart.

The scan of this painting demonstrates that pretty well – in the scan I can clearly see the red underpainting in parts of the zucchinis and in the shadows, but when I look at the original painting, I simply can’t see it at all. I was sure I’d covered all the red with green, but obviously not. The scan exaggerates the colours which is why I can see it on the scan. This is one of the reasons I tend to avoid trying to lean too much towards realism in my paintings – I’m always going to have areas that look fine to me but odd to everyone else.

The other mistake in this painting happened in the very first step – I chose to tint the background with alizarin crimson because I thought it would be a nice complement to the green … but totally forgot that it would tint the white foreground pink no matter how thickly I painted it. Worse still, I knew this already but totally forgot it until I had already painted the zucchinis and had made a start  the white table.

This uses Atelier Interactive acrylics, is painted on 6×6″ paper, and is available at Etsy.


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