Still life with blue glass vase

Today I decided to challenge myself a bit, mostly because I didn’t have any blue fruits or vegetables to paint! This blue glass vase is part of a set – the other two are green and pink, and no doubt will also be painted at some stage.

I set up a yellow background so that I’d get some greens coming through, but decided to set the vase on a white table so that I’d get some interesting tints of blue as well.

A painting like this is all about trusting what your eyes are telling you and putting that down on the painting. It requires particular attention to hard and soft edges. For quite a while the painting looks like a mess of colour, but there comes a point where – suddenly, magically – it looks like glass. It’s enormously satisfying!

As always, Atelier Interactive acrylics on paper, 6×6″, available at Etsy.


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