Still life with Genesis paint pots

Genesis heat-set artist oils are a wonderful invention – very much like oil paints to work with, except they do not dry over time. Paint remains wet on the palette, brush and canvas indefinitely, which if you’re a fan of wet-into-wet painting is a tremendous advantage. When you want the paint to dry, you use a heat gun (yes, the kind normally used to strip paint!) and in a few minutes you’ve got a totally dry painting to work on. Brushes clean up with soap and water (as do hands and, ahem, clothes). And did I mention they’re odourless and non-toxic?

Yesterday I decided to use Genesis to do one of my still life paintings, and as the subject I used actual Genesis paint pots. The paintings was great fun to do and you can see videos of the progress on my Instagram account. However I was nervous at drying time – would the heat gun set the paper alight? Well, thankfully, no!

This one is slightly larger than normal at 7×7″, and is available at Etsy.


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