More ink!!

Last May I wrote “More Ink!!” on a post-it note and stuck it to my drawing surface. It’s still there. It was my way of beginning to explore the idea that in my heart I might be an “illustrator” rather than an “artist”. Eight months and a lot of soul-searching and experimentation later, I’m now fairly sure I was – well, am – right.

It’s not a surprise. Like most people, my earliest exposure to art was illustrated books, but unlike most people they’re a pleasure I never gave up. Learn-to-read books gave way to Choose Your Own Adventure and Dungeons and Dragons, and no matter how many years pass it’s a rare year I don’t buy a book just for the illustrations, regardless of what age group the book is actually intended for. I have a particular love of pen and ink, and pen and watercolour illustration, so it’s fairly safe to expect you’ll be seeing a lot more of those styles from me as I try to seriously level-up my skills!

Here’s the first piece, done for Frantix Media‘s monthly trading card print run (the theme this month is Atlantis). It’s ATC size – that’s just 89x63mm – in pen (specifically, Copic Multiliner 0.1 and 0.35) and watercolour.


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