New painting, and change to website gallery

This is both my largest, and my slowest, painting. At 40x30” it’s well over twice the size of my previous record holder (24x24”), and at 15 months to paint, well and truly the slowest! To be fair, the vast majority of that time was spent either staring at it, or having it put away where I couldn’t see it at all. It has unfolded very much at its own pace, and it has been an utterly fascinating journey for me. I was never sure it would even be finished, and I certainly had no idea how it would look if it was. The best part is that I absolutely love it, and that’s really rare for me!  I’m going to enter it into this year’s (2015) Warringah Art Prize - wish me luck!

In other news, I have changed the gallery structure of the website. Rather than individual galleries for each kind of work (portrait, landscape, etc), I’ve put them into one large gallery and turned them into a slideshow. I think this is a better arrangement, but I’d love your feedback.

Along The Way - 800w

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