New painting, new adjective

Without going into details, my life has been altogether way too serious for way too long. Through some of it, art has been a refuge, but at other times it has been a source of frustration and stress, caused mostly by my quest for perfection.

Today I made a conscious effort to paint something with simple outlines in place of exhaustive detail, and I really like the painting that resulted. I’ve done similarly successful and pleasing paintings before without really understanding what I was doing that made them work.

In short, I’ve been taking it all way too seriously, and the adjective that I’d like to apsire to in future is playful. Not just in my painting style, but in life too. It doesn’t mean I’m not working hard, but it does mean I’m not trying to achieve perfection or realism. My paintings will still be representational, but might contain “unreal” colours, simplifications of form, and/or elements that don’t exist in the “real” world. It’s precisely the sort of balance that Disney background artists have excelled at for decades (not that I think for one second I could ever compete with those guys!).

This painting is of a bridge that crosses over Curl Curl Lagoon just a few minutes drive from our house. I’ve got several photos of this area I plan to turn into paintings, continuing my series of surprisingly beautiful locations found in the midst of suburban Sydney! It’s going to someone in the Postcard Art Group.


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