New sketch - TV and Video Games

A while ago I took an amazing course at Craftsy - Dynamic Detail in Pen, Ink and Watercolour. I can’t recommend this class highly enough if you’d like to learn or improve your observational drawing. It’s not realism but is very suited to standalone drawings or ink and wash art. I can’t begin to tell you how much my drawing improved as soon as I started implementing the techniques taught in this class - and they’re really very simple, and very well explained.

This is a drawing I did this afternoon, I think it took me around 90 minutes. It’s the confusion of boxes and cables that fills my TV cabinet. Apart from the TV, there are several videogame systems, a lava lamp, a DVD and VCR, and various remote controls and videogame controllers. I would **never** have dreamed of trying to draw such a complicated scene before the class, but I had no hesitation diving into it today. There was no preparatory drawing in pencil here - it was fountain pen from the very beginning.

Unfortunately the paper and the pen didn’t get along too well - every time I paused along a line, no matter how briefly, I got a “bloom” (dot of ink), but you don’t really notice them in the completed drawing. Also, when I added the ink washes (using watered-down ink and a brush), the paper buckled quite badly. I had originally planned to add watercolour to this, but I’ve decided to leave it as-is for fear of the paper falling apart if I try painting on it.

This is in a no-name A4 sketchbook and the sketch itself is about seven inches square. I used a Lamy Safari fountain pen with an EF nib, and De Atramentis Permanent Black Ink.


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