This portrait of our cat, Chloe, took around 3 weeks, on and off.  We lost her in mid-2012 very unexpectedly and of course we still miss her greatly.  My wife and her had an amazing connection, so I was very nervous about doing this portrait - I wanted to make her feel better, not worse!  

Initially it was going to be a surprise, but along the way I asked my wife to help me as I was having real trouble judging the colours correctly. Between us, I think we've created a lovely portrait that really captures her essence. 

This is Genesis Heat Set Artist Oils on stretched linen, 16x20".

By the way - I can't begin to tell you what a difference the Artristic easel made with this - being able to quickly adjust the height, tilt and rotation of the canvas for *every* *single* *whisker* was just an incredible help.

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